Alexander Vuchnich for Charlotte City Council At-Large

Welcome! I would like to thank you for your time and consideration in learning what I will do to serve you and the City of Charlotte if elected to office.

Statement of Principles and Pledge

  1. I will uphold and protect individual rights, property rights and civil liberties.
  2. I will work to minimize government intervention in personal and private matters.
  3. I will require oversight and accountability for city government spending.
  4. I will be an advocate for greater transparency, accessibility and responsiveness of city government officials and their decision making.

Positions on City Government Issues

The responsibilities mandated to the City Council are to maintain public safety, transportation, economic growth and stability, housing and environmental sustainability. The following are my positions on each of these mandates.

  1. Public safety is the number one priority for the City of Charlotte. Citizens of Charlotte need to know that their individual rights and property rights will be protected from those who would infringe on them through force, fraud or violence.
  2. Transportation infrastructure is key to the prosperity of Charlotte's economy. Roadways need to be maintained but any larger scale capital projects need to be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than has been afforded in the past.
  3. Economic growth and prosperity and consequently job growth will come organically to Charlotte if we can succeed in making our streets safe and roadways clear. City ordinances and regulation largely act as a detriment to growth and should be minimized.
  4. Affordable housing is a derivative of economic growth and prosperity. If the City of Charlotte succeeds in public safety, transportation and economic growth then most affordable housing issues will be minimized. Attempting to zone, subsidized or regulate housing will only result in forcing those individuals most in need into a continued cycle of poverty.
  5. Any responsible business knows the value of incorporating environmental sustainability into its practices. City government should embrace the same level of responsibility in managing its own affairs.